Design &
Build Excellence

Celebrating 20 years of innovation, passion and dedication, Inovi proudly delivers forward thinking projects across the commercial, industrial and hospitality sectors.

A Division of Cozzcorp Group

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A Division of Cozzcorp Group

We exist to deliver
excellence in all that we do

At Inovi, we go above and beyond to deliver the perfect outcome. Our team of innovative, hands-on professionals is meticulous about the end result; we deliver for our customers and deliver on their visions. We embrace innovation and always endeavour to raise the bar. We view excellence as holistic and ever changing; attention to detail, skills in architecture, planning and construction and an innate love for design are what underpin all that we do.


Areas of Expertise



Inovi works are performed by both in-house trades personnel and a vast network of sub-contractors. We have the ability to expertly perform tasks whilst the company remains operable.


Civil WOrks

From excavation and formwork to concreting and commercial car parks, our team has the ability to carry out all civil works. We specialise in industrial hardstands / loading docks and warehouse floors including all concrete and joint repairs.


Fit Out

Working in a strategic alliance with IDA Design Group, we have the ability to create spaces that are functional, innovative and have an appeal of longevity. From space planning to interior design and styling, we harness our buying power to make sure the costs are just as attractive as the end result.


End of lease & make goods

To date, Inovi has successfully completed over 100,000m2 of commercial office and industrial warehouse make goods for various customers. We ensure all make goods, or back to base building, are fully compliant and that all essential services are appropriately certified upon completion. We deliver excellence and raise the bar across all our work.



Inovi proudly employs a full-time team of qualified trades people who consistently deliver the fast turn-around of building repairs and maintenance. We cover a full range of works from commercial strata complexes, through to industrial properties.



Inovi will keep your facilities looking like new and most importantly of all, maintaining a safe and sound ground surface. Inovi boasts a fully equipped crew of trucks and trailers with state-of-the-art high pressure hot and cold-water cleaners usable for cleaning large concrete areas, driveways, hardstands and warehouse walls and floors.


Our Management


Frank Cozzupoli

Driven by passion, Frank offers a remarkable depth of knowledge and over 20 years of both residential and commercial building experience to the company. He successfully manages the day-to-day operations of Cozzcorp Group ensuring that his involvement is a key component in every project regardless of scale.

Our people, our focus and our track record for delivery is a reflection of Frank’s ability to lead the team of professionals that make up Inovi and the greater Cozzcorp Group.




CSR Vision & Roadmap

Inovi’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy cements our dedication to sustainability by creating a responsible and sustainable business. This approach forms the foundation for design and building excellence across each of Inovi’s business lines.

Our vision is to operate a transparent company, addressing social and environmental concerns throughout our innovative projects and interactions with our stakeholders.


GOALS & Objectives

Delivering high-quality performance and an innate respect for natural resources and people, we endeavour to create lasting, sustainable value. By identifying a realistic set of KPIs to manage sustainability issues, Inovi has been implementing individual goals and pillars as an integral part of our strategy.

Our comprehensive CSR policy will go beyond compliance. We will engage in actions that create longevity in the community, through initiatives and an industry-first foundation to support pressing challenges beyond our business.


inovi foundation / community

Inovi exists to deliver excellence in everything that we do.

We are a brand that values people, their ambitions and supports their needs through innovation.

Since our inception, we have held the belief that our mission enables us to create positive and innovative change within the community. Today, we want to go a step further by creating our own foundation, a welcoming ecosystem that will facilitate the implementation of impactful and philanthropic outcomes. More to come soon.


diversity, equity & inclusion

At Inovi, we are passionate about nurturing an inclusive and diverse workplace environment. One where all people, genders, partners, suppliers and clients feel comfortable to be themselves and contribute to their highest potential.

We are committed to respecting, engaging and collaborating with all members of the community and pay our respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people whom we recognise as the Traditional Owners of the land.

Diversity, equity and inclusion is an ongoing commitment that underpins all actions across Inovi.


health, safety & wellbeing

In an ever-evolving economic and social climate, adapting to health, wellbeing and safety challenges is a priority for Inovi.

Our objective has always been to mitigate the number of workplace accidents and to support the health and wellbeing of our people. In our transparent and collaborative environment, we reinforce the importance of a healthy work/life balance for our extensive team to avoid occupational stress, burnout and fatigue.


environmental impact & carbon emissions

Inovi is committed to bringing positive change to the built environment.

By reducing our carbon emissions, from our internal design through to customer construction capabilities, we recognise the utter importance of collaborating with our suppliers and customers on global climate issues.

We have been working on a range of innovative design and construction techniques that will reduce our environmental footprint, such as the sourcing of lower carbon materials.

This is just the beginning of our transformation, there is so much more to come.

Defining ‘sustainability’ and ‘social responsibility’ for Inovi goes beyond transitioning to more environmentally friendly procedures, materials and practices. It’s an all-of-brand movement leveraging the business, people and community as opportunities to generate positive impact. We call this Innovation for Impact.

As innovation is at the core of what we do, a best-practice CSR Strategy is a natural expression of our leadership and vision. And it’s about more than words. It’s a strategy to engage people to create impact through meaningful, realistic, tangible action, created through a framework of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), that is implemented and delivered by the entire team through our CSR program ‘IN.OV.I.’

Moving into whole-of-business implementation of the CSR strategy
we introduce Inovi’s unique CSR program: IN.OV.I.

at the core
Overall wellbeing
of our people
Impact on cities
& community

We are defining a strategy and implementation plan that connects Inovi’s existing culture, leadership and operations with best-practice international sustainable development benchmarks (UN SDGs) to create a set of impactful initiatives that are realistic, relevant and measurable.


Innovation always lies at the centre of Inovi’s thinking, and forms a core pillar of Inovi’s CSR strategy. It informs practices and procedures across construction including sustainable approaches to energy, materials and waste.



Inovi is nothing without our people; the overall wellbeing of our people is a crucial undercurrent of all action at Inovi. Ultimately, we promote sustainable growth within the Inovi ecosystem for our people to have an engaging, supportive working experience with opportunities to increase professional portfolio and remuneration.




Every business has the opportunity to make the world around them a better place. That’s why we strive to reduce our environmental impact and endeavour to make Australian communities and cities safer, more inclusive and resilient, through everything we do.



Work With Us

Our shared values of commitment, excellence and innovation are the foundation of everything built here — including careers.

Inovi is a workplace of passion, dedication and motivation. We uplift our team to deliver their best and always expand their skills. We are always on the lookout for passionate and involved people to join our team.

Please reach out to [email protected] today to speak with one of our recruitment officers.